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Driver Download for: ALS4000-ASP003 ,ALS100+ ,4000 ,xwave 4000 or als 4000 ,400 ,as004-3d pnp ,3d-pnp ,ASOUNDEXPRESS PCI ALS4000 ,AS009 ,AL001 ,AS006 ,als4000 ,ALS4000 ,ALS 4000 ,MA5SOUND ,100+120 ,ASOUND Plus ,alsk4000 ,Asound Gold ALS120 ,ALS100 AVANCE LOGIC ,xwave4000pci ,as004 ,ASL300 ,ESS 18XX ,ASP003 ASP002 ,AS007 ,ALS120 ,Asound Express ,ALS4000 ,express(?), ALS4000 chipset ,PCI ,AS004 ASOUND 3D PNP ,a100p+ ,ASound Gold ALS 120 ,ALS-100 Plus+ ,ALS-100 ,Asound Express PCI soundcard ,Asound Express PCI ,AS004 (asound 3d) ,ASOUND GOLD ASOUND PLUS ,ASOUND GOLD ,ASOUND PRO ASOUND VALUE ,ASOUND EXPRESS PCI ,ES1488 ,ES1688,ES1788,ES688 ,express ALS4000 PCI ,ES1488 and ES488 ,ES688 ,ES488,ES1488,ES688,ES1688 ,ES488 ,ASPUND GOLD ,als 120 ,Avance/Realtek ,Avance AC'97 Sound ,AC'97 Codec ,ALS300 ,als300 ,ALS 120 ,Als 007 ,ALS100+ ,ALS-100 ,AL97 Sound Chips ,ALC 201A ,ALS100 ALS007SP ,als100 plus ,100 / 100+ ,100ALS+ ,als120 ,ALSAC 1 REV : 1 ,AD1885 ,ALS 100 Plus ,als200 ,Als 4000 ,ALS4000 ,als100 7a030s1 ,ALS100plus + ,avance 97 ,Avance Logic ALS4000 Internal PCI Soundcard ,Avance Logic ALS4000 Sound ,Als007 ,ICH(AA) AC97 Audio(4.21-2000) ,als120 ,scd 400 ,101 200 201 202 650 ,ALS100plus+ ,ac97 codec ,als100+als100 ,Avance Logic ALS 100 ,EPC-SALS1201 ,AS007 Gold ,asound/xx ,82195T1 810C ,A-GOLD ,als 4000 ,ALS120 or A LS100 ,ASL4000 ,ALS100 ,als4000 ,ALS400 ,als100plus ,ALS007 ,Avance 120 ,ALS100 plus + ,ALS4000PCI ,ALS 4000 ,ALS4000 ,als4000 ,ALS120 ,kh60903479 ,ASL100 ,4000 ,ALS100plus ,als007 ,ALS100 3D ,ALS 100 ,ALS100 Plus ,Als 120 ,als100 ,sv4000 ,als 100 ,Als4000 ,AS9707 ,ASOUND PLUS ,als100+ ,ALS100+ ALS110 ALS120 ,asl100 plus ,ALS200 ,Friend ,ALS 110 ,als4000 ,als 120 ,cls 100 plus ,961090124204 ,ALS2301/ALS2301A ,Avance Logic ALS120 ,ALS4000 ,ALS120 ,ALS100 ALS007sp ,120 ,695kb ,3,26kb ,ALS100 ,ALS 100+/120 ,ALS007 ALS100 ,ALS 100 +120 0-WAVE AUDIO DEVICE ,ALS 200 ,ASOUND-PLUS ,100P ,PCI64-q3d ,AZT3011PnP part1 ,AZT3011PnP part2 ,N270 ,2320 ,mmpro 16III-3d PnP ,Pro16III-3D ,sound blaster 16 II ,AT3500 ,pci192q3d ,pci 168 ,MM Pro16SD-3D PNP BP ,Sound Galaxy Washington16 ,sound galaxy pro 16 II a/b ,Azfin 3328 PCI Audio ,MMSN824 ,AZT2316 AZT2320 ,AZT 3002 PnP ,K09007 ,AZTEC2320 SOUND CARD ,AZT-NXPMIX0592 ,azt2320 chip/ azt1015pnp ,Soundgalaxy Basic 16 ,PCI 288 Q3DII or PCI 192 Voices Dolby Digital ,pci288 ,PCI 288 Q3D II ,Aztech PCI3328 MultiMedia Device ,MM PRO16SD-PNP ,MM PRO16SD-3D PNP ,05201 ,AZT1008pnp ,Sound Galaxy Pro 16 II ,Sound III ,pci 168 soundkard ,mpu-401 device ,AZT3300 ,Aztech 288 Q3D II ,Sound Galaxy (OEM) MM Pro 16IIB-3D ,MM pci 168ap(w) bp ,PCI 168 ,AZT3002 ,Azt 1008 PnP ,Azt 1008 PNP ,AZT 1008 PnP ,Sound_Galaxy_Nova_16_Extra_II ,azt 1022 PnP ,Aureal Vortex 338-A3D ,azt3000pnp ,AZT 2320 PnP ,aztech 2320 sound card ,azt-2320 ,S3 Trio64V2/DX ,138-MMSN811 ,sound galaxy nova 16 extra ,azt1008 ,AD1845JP ,sound galaxy NX ,pci 128 q3d ,AT6800W-U (AZT3011 PnP) Sound and Fax Modem Card ,2302 ,Sound Galaxy Washington 16 ,AZT2316/A/R ,AZT1008 ,I38-MMSN842 ,AZT 1020 PnP ,MM 16 Pro ,sound galaxy pro16 extra SEE ALL 4 FILES ,sound galaxy pro16 extra ,1008 2320 ,MM Pro 16 ISA (From Maplin) ,Sound Galaxy Basic 16 ,SC16-3D ,PCI368 Thunderbird ,3011 ,i38-MMSN813 ,SC 16-3D Sound Card - using AD1816 Chipset ,PCI 338-A3D ,AZT 3000 PnP ,AZT3000PnP ,I38-MMSN812/Sound Galaxy Pro Extra ,Sound Galaxy Pro16 II ,Aztech SC 16-3D Sound Card ,azt3002 ,Sound Galaxy 16 Nova ,AD1815/16 ,AzT-SG16Mix; AZTPR16 Chipsets ,AZTPR16; AZT-SG16Mix ,azt1022 ,AZT2316R ,AT-2150 A ,AT-2150 B ,2316 ,ATZ3000 PnP ,ATZ3000 ,mmsn842 ,sound16 ,AZT 2316R ,336sp sound/modem ,Sound Galaxy Pro 16III-3D PnP - using AZT-2320 Chi ,Multimedia Pro16 Audio Setup V1.20 ,AZT 1008 ,AZT2320 ,KTL Sound Power Pro ,AT3000/3100/3260 ,sc2316 ,Sound Galaxy Pro16L or Pro16 Extra ,Aztech Waverider Platinum-3D PnP/Aztech Waverider ,Multimedia Pro16III PnP/MM WaveRider ,Sound Galaxy ,Aztech Waverider Platinum-3D ,Multimedia Pro16III/Aztech Waverider ,Sound Galaxy Nova 16 ,Sound Galaxy Basic 16 or Pro 16 ,HP soundcard+modem ,NX-Pro 16 ,AT6800W ,2320Compatible PnP audio (WDM) ,531 bytes ,2320 sound/modem ,azt3000 pnp ,azt3000 pnp` ,at3300 ,AT3300 ,azt 1008 pnp 2320chip set ,MM16 IIB-3D ,1501032 ,azt2320 ,AZT 2320 ,Aztech 2320 ,azt3005pnp ,AZT1008PnP ,AZT 2320 chipset ,azt-3318isa ,AZT3000 ,Aztech 3000 PNP ,azt2316/r ,Washington Galaxy ,aztech 2320 ,SG Washington 16 ,azt 2320 ,azt 1008 ,AT6800w ,Sound 4 aztech sound with 56K X2 Modem ,I38-MMSN855 ,I38-MMSN850 ,AZT 1023 ,MultiMedia Pro 163 ,Multimedia Pro 163 ,338 A3D ,3011 PnP ,1853/1853L/BTC1853L ,1817 ,ESS1868 ,185x ,185x series ,SE34SRS ,SE1440 ,SE336Wav ,639 ,CM18330 ,c3dx cmi8738pci-sx ,CMI 8738-C3DX ,CMI8330 ,8338 ,911411743 ,CMI8738 ,cm18738 ,cmi8330 ,cmi 8330 ,c8330 ,CMI8738_WDM_0639 ,CM8338 ,CM 8738 ,cmi8330/c3d ,CMI8738-4/6CH ,1869V+ ,CMI9738 ,CMI8738 ,cmi 8330/ c3d audio ,CMI 8738 Chip ,CM/CMI8383 ,8738 ,CM8738 ,cmi 8330 / c3d ,SB 16 Audio device ,CMl8330 ,CMI8330/8338/8737 ,ht8338 ,C-media 8783 ,CM18330/C3D ,cmi-8330 ,CMI 8738 ,CMI8738 PCI / C3DX ,CMI8330/C3D Audio Adapter ,cm18330/c3d ,cm18330 ,8738AM ,deskpro 5120 ,CM18738 ,8330 ,CMI8738 Drivers 1.94c ,no ,cmi8738 ,8330 Chip set ,HT8738am ,CMI8738_C3DC PCI ,sis 5597/5598 ,cmi8330 ,CMI8330 1/25/2000 ,CMI8830 C3D [ beta ] ,cmi onboard audio ,CM8330 ,CMI-8330 ,C-Media 8338 ,CMI 8330/A C3D ,CMI 8330 ,cm8330 and cm8330sb ,CMI8330 ,cm8330 ,CMI8338 ,CMI8330 PnP ,Ensoniq ES1370 Audio PCI ,ct5803 ,1.0.10 ,CT5880 ,CT4790 , CT4870 ,CT2950, CT 2950 ,SoundBlaster AudioPCI 64D ,Creative Ensoniq Audio PCI ,sb0220 ,ct5800 ,CT1297 / ES1373 ,sb 0240 ,ct2950 ,Ensonic Sb1373 (ES1373) ,sb pci128 ct5880 ,CT-4810 ,SB0100 Live! 5.1 ,sb0090 ,Vibra 16 ,CT4670 ,CT4832 ,Ct4830 ,CT4830 ,CT4790 ,CT4740, CT4810, CT4811, CT4812, CT4815, CT4816 ,es1371 ,CT2239 ,sb0200 ,CT4870 ,PCI 64 ,SB AWE 16/32/64 ,ct5880-dcq ,CT4520 CT4530 ,m4830030036454 ,ct2960 ,CT2760, CT3780, CT3900, CT391x, CT3980 ,Sound Blaster Live! Model #: SB0200 ,audigy ,Sound Blaster 16/SB32/AWE32 ,CT2230 and more ,SB 16 / AWE32 ,ct4670 ,CT 4810 Vibra pci 128 ,creative ct 5880 ,CT2910 ,CT4780 SoundBlaster Live ,part#1713330530-1 ,Sound Blaster PCI 64 ( Chip Ensoniq es1370 ) ,sb live, value ,pci 512, ct4790 ,Sound Blaster CT2770 ,SB0090 SB0092 ,ct4780 ,cmi8330 ,SB16 ,SB 128 ,CMI8738/C3DX ,CT 2260 ,ct2980 ,SB0090 SB0092 SB0060 SB0100 SB0102 ,CMI8330 ,ct4750 ,SB AWE32 ,ct6980 ,ct5808 ,Sound Blaster 64 PCI ,Sound Blaster 64 ,Soundblaster Live! XP and 2000 Drivers ,Ensoniq pciaudio ,CT4170 ,ct-5803 or 128 ct 5803 ,emu10kx ,CT_4740 ,soundblaster audigy 98 ,Vibra 128 PCI ,av302 ,ensoniq es1371, etc. ,CT5806 AudioPCI 0026 ,CT5806 ES1373 ,CT-4520 SB awe 64 ,Live ,CT5807 ,EXEBLT86 ,DAV86 ,HMRBCK ,SB0100 ,es1371, etc. ,CT2940 ,Soundblaster Live! 1024 (CT4870) ,Creative LiveWare 3.0 drivers and software 4 win9x ,CT 5880 ,SOund Blaster Live! 5.1 ,Soundblaster Live (All) ,ct4700 ,Creative Labs Sound Blaster Audio PCI 64V ,Creative CT5807 ,CT4670 CT4830 ,CT4600 ,AWE 64 ,748lmrt ,ct4520 ,VIBRA 128 ,ensonique / sound blaster ,ct2040 ,2290 ,4810 ,SBLive 5.1 ,Audigy ,sound blaster PCI128 digital ,CT3930 ,Sound Blaster Live 5.1 ,SB PCI64v ,1371, 1373 ,ct2860 ,es 1370 ,ES 1370 ,PCI128 CT4700 ,4750 ,es1371/1373 wdm ,EMU10K1 ,emu 10k1 ,SB L!VE5.1 SB0100 ,ct4810 ,sblive xgamer 5.1 ,ensoniq ,pci64v ,alsb9m117076 ,pci128 model 4810 ,CT 4780 ,AWE64, CT4500 ,CT-2840 ,Sound Blaster Pro 2 ,P ,ES-1373 Chipset ,sound blaster 16 ,CT1790 ,ct-4830 ,Sound Blaster PCI 128 ,AWE64D (CT4600) ,AudioPCI32 ,Sb live 5.1 player ,CT3600 ,ES1371 ,CT2800 ,Sb live ,SB-16 ,512 ,Live Series ,Vibra 16X CT4170 ,Sound Blaser Live! ,pcm 10 ,es1373 ,Creative PCI 512 ,CT2910, CT2290 ,ES 1371 ,sound plaster pro 2 ,ES1371 ,CT4520 ,pci128 ,1638482 ,ct2505-fm ,New 4.1 Sound Blaster ,CT481x and CT4740 (were only checked more might?) ,CT4760 ,AWE64 (CT-4520) ,soundblaster (sb) awe 64 isa ,ViBRA 16C ,CT2860 and others ,Vibra 128(CT4810, CT4811, CT4812, CT4815 CT4816) ,CT5808 ,Creative Vibra 128 ,Sound Blaster Creative Ensoniq PCI ,1713320748 ,SB_LIVE ,CT4810, CT4811, CT4812, CT4815, CT5800, CT5803 ,The FULL Ensoniq / Creative AudioPCI 64 (1371) ,SB Live! ,ct4170 ,CT4740 (AudioPCI) ,pci 128 ,CT 4810 ,sound blaster live ,Ensoniq ES1371 ,ct2770 ,Sound Blaster PCI64V ,ct 4810 ,ES1371,ES1373 ,awe64/awe64 gold ,Vibra16c ,Sound Blaster Live ,CT4810 PCI16 ,CT4700 ,sb16 pci ,A22KN9635 ,Sound blaster 16 pnp ,CT2950 ,sound blaster life ,CT1330 CR-562 ,ES 1371 On-board ,vibra 16 ct2501 ,CT4500 ,Sound Blaster pci64 ,CT2504 ,Ensoniq Audio PCI ,ct4830 ,pci512 ,Standalone Sound Blaster 16 / AWE32 / SB32 drivers ,CT1745A ,CT2860 ,CT3670+ ,ensonic audio PCI ,PCI 128 ct5880 ,sb128PCI(4810) ,Aquanta DM II (CMT50074) Windows 95 Vibra 16C CT25 ,ct3600 ,Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 ,CT4180 ,Sb16 ct2950/ct2959 ,Creative Labs PCI 64 ES1371 ,Soun Blaster Live! ,ES1370 ,CT2260 ,CT3900 ,SB0060 ,CT4740, CT4810, CT4811, CT4812, CT4815, CT4816 ,CT50803 ,CT5803 ,OnBoard CT5880 chip set ,ct5880 ,AC97 CT5880 chipset ,SoundBlaster ViBRA16x PnP (CT4170) ,SF16-FMI-03 ,AWE64D ,ct 4180 ,SndBlaster LIVE ,Creative/Ensonic 1371 ,ct5805 ,ht1869v+fah549746 ,CT 4510 ,SB PCI64 ,soundblaster PCI64v ,CT4780 ,AWE16, AWE 32, AWE 64 ,ct4550,ct4520,ct4390 ,SB128PCI ,creative labs Vibra16x PnP ,SB AWE64 ISA ,Version 2 ,ct2940 ,CT4740 ,SB Live Win ME drv. ,Audio PCI64/128 ,vibra16 ,1.01 ,Vibra 16XV ,CT1600, SB Pro 2 ,CT4810 (SB128 PCI) ,vibra 16s chipset model ct2860 ,S/B 16 LC ,ct4740 ,CT2970 ,PCI 512/CT4790 ,awe64 ,Creative Soundcard PCI SB 128 Value Softw. /CT4810 ,LIVE! 1024 ,SB Live Value (WDM) ,CT-5880 PCI ,creative CT1740 sound blaster (SB16 family) ,Soundblaster Live! X-Gamer ,Soundblaster Live!! x-gamer ,CT-5880 ,Soundblaster Live! ,Soundblaster Live! (family) ,sound-blastern PCI-128 ,1371 ,SF16-FM1 ,ensoniq 1370 ,CT-1350B (Sound Blaster 2.0) ,CT4750 SB PCI128 ,CT483x ,SOUND BLASTER LIVE ,Sound Blaster 128 PCI ,Sound Blaster 16, Sound Blaster 32 and Sound ,PnP 16 ,Vibra16S, C, X ,SB live ,PCI-64 ,Sound Blaster AudioPCI 64V ,Sound Blaster 16 ,CT1330A Rev 6 ,AWE63D ,56 k v90 ,SB Live ,SoundBlaster AudioPCI 64V ,PCI128 ,AudioPCI ES1371 ,CT1770 ,CT2900 (Vibra16S) ,Ensonique Audio PCI ,vibra 128 ,sounblaster 16 ,OPL3 SAX ,Vibra PCI 128 CT5803 ,ct1600 ,CT4750 ,AWE 64 Series ,Sound Blaster 16/32/ Awe23 ,vibra 16 ,Vibra 16x ,vibra16-fmp ,PCI64, ES1371 ,sb16/32 or awe 32 ,CT4740, SB16PCI ,4.10.2000 ,Sound Blaster PCI128 x86 ,Sound Blaster PCI64 Update for x86 Windows(ES1370) ,Full duplex Sound Blaster 16/32/AWE ,Sound Blaster PCI64 ,Vibra PCI 128 ,SB 1.5 ,Ensoniq PCI ,ct1770 ,sound blaster 16 plug n play ,ES1373 chipset ,CT1350B ,CT 4700 ,Vibra 128 SBPCI 128 ,PCI 64V ,PCI 128 ,SBPCI 128 ,Soundblaster Live ,CT2960 ,CT 4810 (Vibra) ,PCI 512 ,es1371\1373 Audio PCI ,CT 4740 ,SBLW9XEN.ZIP ,Sound Blaster Live! ,soundblaster2 ,ES1372 - AudioPCI 64V ,x-gamer ,SBPRO (8_bit) ,SBPRO (8-bit) ,SBlive or SBlive Value ,Live Value CT4830 ,ct4500 ,Sound Blaster Vibra 16c with FM Tuner ,SB Vibra 16c with FM Tuner ,Sound Blaster Live - CT4831 CT4830 ,soundblaster 128 PCI ,SoundBlaster Live! ,Sound Blaster 16 / AWE32 / SB32 ,SB16, SB32, AWE32, AWE64 and AWE64 Gold. ,SB 16 and SB 32 ,AWE ,v1.04 ,SBPro MCV ,AWE64 ,MCA ,SB 2.0 ,AWE32 ,SB PRO ,Creative ENSONIQ AudioPCI 64V Waveset ,AWE64D (PCI)CT4600 ,SB AWE64 ,SB AWE 64 ,v4.05.1207 ,Sound Blaster ViBRA16X PNP ,SBLive! ,P/N: SF16-FMP2 ,Soundblaster PCI64 ,Ensoniq AudioPCI 1371 ,PCI64 - AudioPCI - 1370 - 1371 - CT E370 ,SBLive ,soundblaster live ,CT4810 ,PCI64 ,ensoniq audiopci84 ,ensoniq audiopci64 ,SB Vibra 16x ,Olpsa ,Sound Blaster Pro ,SB awe 64 value ,awe 64 value ,Live! ,Sound Blaster PCI128 ,ct4180 ,ASE 32 ,SB PCI 128 ,sb16 ,SB Live Value ,Midi Blaster ,Most Common Cards ,SoundBlaster Audio PCI/64 ,Soundblaster 8-bit ,Soundblaster 16 ,CT1350 ,CT1600 ISA ,S90 ,MX300 ,Diamond Audio 16 C ,Monster MX400 ,DT-588 ,Monster Sound MX400 ,DM-588 ,Sonic Impact ,DT-688 ,AM78C201KC ,DT 0398 ,DTO398 ,MultiMedia Kit 1000/2000/etc ,Edge 3D 2000 series ,edge 3d 2000 series ,monster sound mx300/mx300II pci ,K2y-PRO16 ,A041-580 ( Sonic 3D ) ,Monster sound MX400 ,TeleCommander 2300/3300 ,sonic impact s90 ,MX-300 ,585lmr ,mx400 ,sonic impact A3D 8820 S90 ,Monster Sound II MX300 ,DT0399 ,DT0398 ,DTO 398 ,Diamond Sound Card V 2.00EF 1994 ,MF-009 ,Pro16 ,pnp sound chip ,mj3218037 ,Sonic Sound 2 ,Mozart sound system ,Monster 3D Multimedia ,Soinc Impact S70 chipset ,DT197A30 ,Lite3D ,DAL Dcard+ ,digital Only CardD ,1370-0001-01 ,ES1370 AudioPCI ,Audio PCI 9807 ,ES1373 ,AudioPCI 9807 ,ES1370 / AudioPCI 9752 ,ES1340 / 9752 ,Ensoniq AudioPCI ES1371 ,ensoniq es1371 ,Soundscape VIVO 90 ,ES1370 PCI ,Ensoniq ES1370 ,ES1371 ,Ensoniq Audio PCI ,AudioPCI 1000 AudioPCI 9721 ,soundscape ,1370 16 Bit ISA ,601 ,Audio PCI ,Vivo90 ,ES 1370 ,Audio PCI 5200 ,1370 ,Harmony 3DS751 ,EnsoniqPCIAudio ,Audio PCI 3000 ,generic AudioPCI ,1370 PCI ,AudioPCI32 ,soundscape elite ,Ensoniq AudioPCI w/ ES1370 Chipset ,Soundscape VIVO PnP ,audiopci 3000 9807 ,AudioPci 9726 ,Es1370 ,Reveal SoundFX Otto2 ,Soundscape ,soundscapeVIVO ,es1373 ,es1371 ,dont now ,ISA-soundblaster AD1845JP ,AudioPCI 1370 ,Soundscape VIVO ,creative ensoniq pci 128 ,ES1879/1869/1878/1868/1887/1888 ,es 1371 ,ES 1869F ,es1370 ,audio pci 3000 ,ES4815 ,soundblaster 128 pci oem ,Vivo/Vivo 90 ,ES1370 or 1371 ,Ensoniq Audion PCI 5000 ,S5016 ,S5016 (audio pci) ,ES1370 ,Harmony 28.8 ,PCI Audio Card ,ES 1868 ,Ensoniq Audio PCI 64 ,sb audio 64v ,ES 1371-3 PCI ,N\A ,N/A ,n/a ,9741 ,Soundscape,SoundscapeII, Soundscape Elite ,Most Soundscape Sound Cards ,Soundscape VIVO,Soundscape VIVO 90 ,AudioPCI / SoundBlasterPCI 64 ,AudioPCI ,Soundscape,SoundscapeII, Elite ,PCI Ensoniq ES1371 ,1371 ,1373 ,1688 and 1868 ,ensoniq Soundscape vivo 90 ,PCI ,Vivo ,Ensoniq PCI (original) ,PCI ,Compaq Armada 1571DM ,M05-U701-121 ,ESS Solo1 ,R-SQ600-02 ,Audio Drive PCI ,M05-U701-121 ES1992S ES1992/ES1990 Canyon3D II ,cmi ,ES1938Solo1, ES1869F ,F01042732 ,es1938s ,es968f ,ess1938-1946 ,1879 ,ess solo-1 ,1868 ,ISA ES1869 ,ES1371 ,ess maestro 2e ,Ess Maestro 2e modem audio ,es1989s Diamond Sonic Impact s100 ,ess 1869 es ,ess488 ess668 ess1488 ,Presario 5008US ,ES 1930S ,1868-v1207 ,ESS688 ,ESS1969 ,Gateway Profile Maestro-2E ,ES1978S B249 ,Compaq Presario 5070 ,SoundPro onboard audio ,ES1989 ,ess1869, ess1888 ,653KB ,es 1989s ,Presario 7000 Series ,ES1868 ,Ess Solo-1 PCI ,ESS Solo-1 AudioDrive (ES1938S) ,ESS 1938s ,Solo1 ES1938S ,Ess 1688 1788 1888 1868 ,ES1788F ,ESS Maestro-2E PCI AudioDrive (WDM) ,allegro(WDM) ,V5.12.01.5038 ,SoundWave Pro PCI Part No.IC-137012 ,SoundWave Pro PCI IC-137012 ,ess 1938 solo1 ,ESS AudioDrive ES1868 ,es 688 ,Solo 1 ES1938 ,SC1938 ,solo 1 ,Ess 1938 ,1989s ,ESS1868 ,Magicsound and Ect ,ESS AudioDrive 1869 ,es1930s ,ess1869f ,es1938s solo 1 ,cx4235 ,ES1868F ,ESS Solo_1 1938-46 ,ESS-1868 ,1989 ,1868F ,maestro-2 ,es1938/es1946 ,ES688f ,ESS ES 1868 ,a571-t20 ,Mitac 5114VU ,1869 ,Allegro ,ESS Various Legacy ,Audi Drive ES1869F ,PC56ECA-WT ,1935 PCI AudioDrive ,ES 1868F for ISA ,ESS Solo-1 PCI Sound Card (ES1938S Chipset) ,ESS 1989s ,ES 1371-73 ,ES1978 Maestro-2E ,ESESS-Canyon-3D ,1853L/1857L ,essolo ,Compaq7360 ESS Allegro onboard sound. ,1938s ,esss1868 ,ESS1868/1869 ,es 1869 ,ES1868 PnP Audiodriver ,5bw220 Compaq 5000 series w/onboard 1989s ess chip ,es688+ES968 ,es688+ ,es1898f ,ESS ALEGRO-1 ,ESS 681 ,es688+es968 ,1989S ,ESS 1938 ,ES1989S Allegro ,sc1938(ESS SOLO-1) ,ESS688 plug and play ,ESS 1868 audio driver ,Allegro 1988 ,Esolo-1 ,ES1868 AudioDrive ,Ess1868 ,ess1938-46 ,es1968 ,Eagle ES1868 PnP ISA ,1989 Allegro ,Multiple ESS drivers ,16 GOLD ,ess cmi 8330 ,ESS 1868 ,es1868 ,688/1688/1788/1888 ,es 1887 ,ESS 1869 Audio Driver ,1868f ,Ess1938, ESsolo1, PT2603 (EssS010) ,V4.04.00.1173 ,PCI AudioDrive ESS Allegro (ES1988 -ES1989) ,ESS1869 ,5WVxxx ,ess solo-1 pci ,G467 ,1938-1947-1946 ,1946 ,ESS SOLO-1 (es1938) ,es1938s solo-1 ,es1869f ,ES 1980 ,ESS ES1969 ,ESS Solo 1 PCI Sound for ASUS P5A Motherboard ,Allegro Es1998 and1988 PCI ,Solo ES1938s PCI ,ES 1879 ,Chipset ES1868F ,Ess solo-1 ,1938/1946 solo-1 pci audio ,1688,1788 ,ES1978 Maestro-2e ,ESS1969 or Solo-1 ,1898f ,1207 ,183X ,ES1978S ,Ess1868 Ess938 ,ESS Maestro-3 PCI ,ES1869 ES1869F ,ess1868f ,ess 1869w9x ,1270 ,Alegro-1 ,ESS Allegro 198x ,ESS 488 ,ES1938/1946 ,9050 ,ES1946 ES1938 ,1888 ,ES1970-3D (Canyon3D) ,Cyberblade i7 ,SoundPlus Prolink ,ESS 1869/ VIA WDC ,Maestro-1 ,Solo-1 AudioDrive (ESS 1969) ,ES-1688 ,ES1989S ESS ,ESS1938 ,ES1938 (solo-1) PCI ,ver 1.1 ,Ess 1868 ,1869 audio plug play ,1938 ,ESS solo 1 PCI audio Drive(WDM) ,wdmaud.drv ,Ess Solo1 -1938 ,ESS 688 ,Maestro 2E (ES1978) ,1488,1688,1788,1868,1888,488,688 ,1689 ,ESS 1869 ,ESS Solo~1 ,214.D ,ES1869 Plug and Play Audiodrive ,maestro 3 ,Maestro 3 ,ES1688/ES1788/ES1888/ES1868 ,ESS 1888 Plug 'n' Play Audiodrive ,ESS ES1868 ,ESS1888 ,ess1938 ,ess1868 Full Duplex ,allegro-1 1989, 198x chip ,ESS Technologies Allergo 1989 ,ES1968 ES1968S ,essolo 1938 ,ESS Solo-1 PCI ,SR-S168/169 ,ES488, 688, 888, 1488, 1688, 1788, 1888, 1868/78 ,ES1888 ,solo-1 es1938s ,ES1938S ,Aptiva E810 2170 ,ES688 ,ES1688 ,Eagle ,ESS1938 COMPAQ ON BOARD ,ESS1788 ,ESS-1941-SOLO ,1968 ,es688f ,ESS Solo 1 ( 1969 ) ,ESS ES1688/1788 ,ESS 1688 ,ES1878 ,ESS1938 Solo1 ,es1938 Solo 1 ,ess688 ,ess 1869f ,V4.05.00.1062 ,ES1869F ,ESS1373 ,ESS 1938 PCI 128 Solo1 ,SiS 530 Chipset Mainboard ,ESS PCI Solo 1938 ,solo1 ess1938 ,ESS SOLO-1 (ES1938 Chip) ,ess solo 1 ,ESS Solo-1 ,ess1688 ,es1838s ,Terratec Ess1938 Pci ,es 1938 ,ess1938 Pci ,ES 1869 ,ESS 1938 Solo1 PCI ,ES1938 PCI ,es 1868 ,1788f ,ESS Solo 1 ,ES1688F ,ESS688 with ESS968 ,1868I ,ESx ,ess1887 ,ESS Solo 1 AudioDrive ,ess 688,488,1488,1688,1788,1888 ,ESS Solo-1 ES1938 ,ESS1868win95 ,ES 688, 1688, 1788 ,ES 1868, 1869, 1878, 1879, 1887, 1888 ,ESS 1788 ,ES 688 ,ES 1688 ,ES 1788 ,ES 1868 ,ES 1688, 1788 ,ES 1868, 1869, 1878, 1879 ,ES1488 ,ES488, 1488 ,ES488, 1488, 688, 1688 ,ES488 ,ES 1488 ,ESS 18xx ,ES1788 ,Common ,es688 ,ESS 1868, 1869, 1878, 1879, 1887, 1888 ,1968 Maestro-2 ,ES1938/1941/1946 ,ESS Sound-1 ,Compaq 9546 ,Compaq Presario 5635 ,ess1869 ,ESS 1938/1941/1946 ,UTD76C ,es1938 SOLO-1 ,1938 solo-1 ,Maestro-2 (ES1968) ,ess 1938 ,ES1968 ,Es 1868 ,ESS 1938S ,ess solo-1 (1938) ,es1869 ,1896 ,Es1938 ,ES688F ,Model Series 185x ,Audio Drive 32 ver 4.03 ,ES1948 ,es1868xx ,ESS ES1948F ,ESS1868 PnP AudioDrive ,Solo-1 ,ess1868 ,SC 1938 (Solo 1) ,ESS SOLO-1/1938 ,ESS1868 AudioDrive Driver ,MPU-401 ,ESFM Driver ,ESS 1868, 1868F ,es 1878 ,ES1869 ,ES1938 ,ESS1688f chip ,1868w ,Meastro-1 ES1948 ,AudioDrive ES688FC ,Ess 1688 ,1853L/1857L (I suppose...) ,Chip 1688 ,968 ,TeraSound 128 ,XWave 7100 ,xwave7000 ,XWAVE576 ,Xwave 3000 ,YMF 724 E-V (Genius) ,XWAVE 4000 ,Q3000a ,A301-G50 / YMF724 ,ALS 120 ,ALS 4000 ,ALS4000 ,QS3000a ,xwave 3000 ,qs3000a ,XWAVE Thunder 3D PCI ,xwave 4000 ,xwave qs3000a ,ALS4000 Xwave Value ,A111-860 ,Xwave 6000 yamaha ,A151-830 ,YMF24F-V ,CHIP # YMF ,XWave 3000 ,EV1935 ,QS3000A PCI SOUND CARD ,XWAVE 3000 ,QS3000A ,QS3000(a) ,Xwave QS300a ,3000 ,a151-830 ,sound boostar 16/32 3d V1.3 ,YMF719 ,Xwave-v4.24 ,XWAVE QS3000A WITH 32-BIT PCI BUS ,151-A00 ,QS3000 ,500 or Audician 16P ,YMF719e ,MachOne EV1935 ,C2x Series - A2610 ,a151-a00 ,A301-D10 ,Soundman WAVE ,Soundman Games with MCS MusicRack ,Logitech SoundMan (WAVE) ,ms8127c+ ,7090s ,onboard cmi8738 ,CMI8330, Soundpro HT1869v+ ,8330 ,MS7192S ,CMI 8330/c3d ,rt-5202 ,OTI611/610 ,MOZART sound card ,OTI601 ,Mozart OTO B/E/F ,rock 16 ? ,OTI605 T9625 chips ,BTC-1820 ,601F/605 ,16 ,ev1935 ,btc1817dsl ,Music16 Pro ,82C924 (Opti Audio 16) ,Bravo Sound 16 ,MAD16Pro ,82C925/924 ,82C931, MED3931, OptI 16 ,MF-009 ,OPTi 925 ,933 , 931 ,202 ,931 ,82C931 82C930 ,OPTI931 ,82c929 ,931AD AUDIO16 ,82C925 ,82c924 Analog Device AD1845JP Soundport ,119715 ,OP931-3DIS ,brabo16pnp ,Opti 16 ,symphonic V2.0 ,1817 ,Opti 82C931 ,82C931 ,opti 930 ,Mozart 16 ,82C930 ,OPTi audio 16 ,931 chipset ,sony ,1817DS ,pnpaudio-opti82c 930 ,925 ,opti925 ,1718 ,opti82c931 ,BTC 1817 DSL ,BTC1817DSL ,BTS1817DSL ,82c930,82c931 ,82c930, 82c931 ,audio16 ,opti 82c931 ,931m ,OPTI 931 ,BTC-1815 ,Opti 82C 929 ,hot274 ,opti 82c925 ,82C924 ,opti 82C930A ,AT-931 ,VT82C42N ,vt82c42n ,82c924 ,01CE ,OPTi 82C931 ,BTC 1817DS ,med3931 ,OPTi933 ,ATI935 ,opti 931AD ,Audio 16 - 82C925 ,OPTI82C931 ,opti c82391 ,opti audio-16 ,MAD16 ,Opti 82c930a ,Opti 82c930 ,opti 933 ,82/c 933 ,OPTi 82C924/925 ,Audio 16 ,OPTi 82c931 ,930/931 ,82C931 Chipset ,MED2000 OPTi92x ,10342 ,opti 931c ,93x ,N\a ,Generic for 89C929 Chipset ,929 ,Opti929 Med2000 ,OPTI929 Med2000 ,82C929 ,opti933 ,Magic S-22/OPTI 82C930 ,opti16 ,870k ,BTC1817D ,opti 16 ,82C931and 82C930a ,82C933 ,ISP-16v3/ISP-32 ,OPTi 82C931 AUDIO DEVICE ,opti audio 16 ,4.00.23l ,opti 924 ,1817 Version 1.03-d ,OPTI 933 ,OPTi 82C930 Windows 95 Drivers ,OP931M-3DS ,DirectX 5.0 ,82c-930 ,82c-924 ,EV1933 ,Opti 931 ,U/K ,OPTI 82C931 MULTIMEDIA DISK ,Wavemaster 64Fgp ,HL2-VO 9504 ,82c933 ,OPTi 82C924 ,AD1845JP ,931ad ,OPTI 82c929a ,82C930 V4.00.23 ,Opti audio 16 ,82C933 OPTi Sound Card ,OPTi82c925 ,chipset 82c931 ,OPTi Audio 16-- 82C 933 ,OPTi Audio 16 82C--933 ,c930 ,Opti 933 ,82c931(win95) ,82c925 ,med 1600 ,opti82c9?? ,930s ,OPTiAudio 16/EV1933 ,Hi Fi 16i ,OPTiSound 64 Deluxe ,82c930 ,ART-931 Sound Card ,OPTi Audio 16 ,OptiSound 82C929 ,OptiSound 82C930 ,OptiSound 82C931 ,95C933 ,OptiSound 82C925 ,82c930a ,OPTISOUND 82c924 ,OPTISOUND 82C928 ,Opti 924/925 audio ,Opti16 ,82c931 ,OPTi 82C930 ,1817 sound card ,MB931 ,ad1845jp ,82c929a ,933 ,oti-91x ,Opti 82C933 ,Opti Audio 16 ,9819619919 ,C970335156 ,OPTi 924 ,OPTI 928 ,OPTI 930 ,OPTI 924 ,OPTI 925 ,OPTI 929 ,Opti82c929 ,BTC 1815 ,OPTi 931 ,OPTI 82C924 ,92c929 ,OPTi BLAHBLAHBLAH924 ,Opti 82C390A ,OPTiSound 64 deluxe ,924 ,opti931 ,OPTI 931 Sound Cards + ,opti 931 ,82c93x ,OPTi 933 ,82C929A ,opti82s931 ,opti930 ,82c928A ,930 ,TeleVideo TeleSOUND 3D ,719 ,AD1846JP ,16 / 924 ,OPTi82c931 ,Mad16 / Sound 16 / OPTI82C930 ,op931m-3ds ,82c931 Bravo 16P ,82C931 chipset ,925-based cards ,924-based cards ,930-based cards ,931-based cards ,Generic Opti 931 ,929 and 924 legacy. ,924 chipset ,PCI 192 Q3D ,pci 192 voices dolby digital ,PCI288-Q3D II(NX) ,(883)1030 motherboard ,SND2-288AMSP [Rockydrv.001] ,8975, es1371, es1373 ,LegendD 711Co ,AZT1015 ,DS-XG ,AZT 1015 PnP ,multimedia 6500 ,14.4 modem/soundcard ,Sound 4 Winmodem ,s606 ,For use with PB/Aztech cards ,azt2320chip/azt1015pnp ,Sound 2 - 144 AMSP ,[FCCID=138-mmsn843 ,synera 406 ,sound144 ,fpt1 ,AZT3002 ,Sound 3 / Sound III ,d1000 ,aztech 16 bit ,Legend Supreme 1125 ,Sound 4 (AZT3011) ,Sound144 ,Sound16A ,Forte 16 ,Sound144 soundcard / modem ,S210 ,620-87003-00448 ,PM-S242N/S241N/S243 ,S237 ,S271 ,Pms273 ,PM-S210 ,PM-S212 ,mpu-401 ,rap-10 ,1.00.05 ,86C617 ,4568545 ,617 ,S3 09C3FB chip ,SonicVibes ,Sonic Vibes 86C617 ,617 S# Sonic Vibes ,SonicVibes (617 chipset) ,Trio 3D ,PRO97PCI ,q9c3fb ,86c617 ,sonic vibes pci ,S3 sonic vibes ,sonic vibes ,SC-128 ,09C3FB ,Sonic Vibes ,SonicVibes PCI ,SoundWave 3D Pro ,SoundWave Pro 2000 or XWAVE ,SoundWave Pro PCI / IC-137012 Ensoniq ,Yamaha DS-XG (SIIG) ,OPL3-Yamaha SIIG ,IC-718012 ,IC1603, IC1604, IC1605 ,SoundWave ProPCI ,Soundrage 32 ,soundrage 32/3d ,AMD Interwave Snd Chip ,Sound Rage 32 ,ESS1938/1969 ,soundterra ,base-1 v1.01 ,ESS Solo-1 ,TT1816-S V1.0 ,Tt1816-S V1.0 ,TT-801-T ,16 86 ,base2 ,TT-Solo1-SL/ ESS ES1938s ,TT1816 ,Gold 16 ,Ess1938 Pci ,TT1815/1816 ,AudioSystem EWS64 XL ,SC16-95 ,16 bits ,chip opti 82c929a ,a3dxstream ,CR 4237 ,Storm Platinum ,xwave 5100 ,xwavw ,724 744 ymf-ds-xg ,YMF724 ,YMF719 all ,ds-xg pci ,opl3-sax ,741 ,XG ,ds-xg ,YMF-729 ,ymf 701 ,DS-1 Integrated Audio ,YMF724F-V ,69 ,CM18738/PCI-SX ,DS-XG Drivers for YMF724, YMF740, YMF744, YMF754 ,yfm 724 ,OPL3-SAx Gameport/WDM ,YMF374 ,QS3 ,X Wave-QS3000A ,X Wave - QS3000A ,YMF724G-V ,wf-192xg ,ymf734pci ,yamaha ymf744 4channel ,ymf724f-v ,Win 95\98 OPL3-SAx Drivers for YMF701, 711, 715, 7 ,9942 ,DS-XG YMF724, YMF740, YMF744, YMF754 ,als4000 ,Yamaha 740F-V ,YAMAHA DS-XG PCI Audio CODEC (WDM) ,Yamaha XG YMF740C-V ,128-3D WAVETABLE ,724 DS XG ,YAMAHA XG - YMF724,740,744,754 ,yamaha ymf 740 - w ,YMF740B-V ,719 ,Opl ,w192xg ,ymf 701-754 ,YMF744B ,cmi8738 ,YAMAHA 744 ,734B-V ,yamaha 724 ,OPL 3- SAx ,94v-0 ,DCS S81X ,1989 ,AC-XG ,OPL YMF719-S ,PN:P7X ,yamaha dsxg ,XG YMF724B-V PCI Card Driver ,ymf724b-v ,ymf719 ,YMF740 best ,HSP56 ,719-s ,ymf 744 onboard sound ,YMF 724,744,754 ,WF192XG ,724 DS1 ,YMF 724 E-V (Genius) ,s817 ,YMF744b ,Yamaha ymf 740-v AC97 ,YMF 724 DS-1 ,Yamaha OPL3 SA3 ,YMF724(DS-1) YMF740(DS-1L) ,740-v ,opl3-sax wdm ,xwave qs3000a 9846 ,qs3000a 9846 ,cm18738/pci-sx HSP56 0131uytiea ,YMF724 Genre ,waveforce 192d ,YAMAHA YMF-724B/V ,XWAVE-QS3000A ,sw1000xg ,opl3-ymf719-s ,XG-924 ,734 ,XG YMF753, 743, 752 ,OPL3-SAx ,OPL3-SA ,OPL3-SA/OS/2 WARP ,Yamaha 744 ,YAMAHA724G ,Xwave 3000A ,Xwave QS3000A ,op3-Sax2(719) ,ymf719e-s ,sb550 ,opl-sax ,ymf724 ,xwave QS 3000 A ,ds-xg legacy sound card,pci audio codec, game port ,xwave qs3000 ,ymh734 ,QS3000a ,ALS4000PCI ,3.0 ,Sound Fusion PCI - CS461x ,734 - als4000 ,xg-ymf740c-v ,ymf740c-v ,719e ,YMF740C-V ,YMF 734 ,OPL-SAX ,OPL3-SAx [YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719] ,ymf734b-v ,YMF724, YMF740, YMF744, YMF754 ,qs3000a ,Yamaha OPL YMF701-S ,xwave ,YMH734 ,OPL3 SAX ,YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719 ,Xwave 3000 ,724 ,Yamaha DS-XG ,719-S ,T00843883 ,XG Xwave 754 ,YMF734B-V ,OPL3-SA3 ,Sv550 ,isa ,ymf719 all ,95v2329i ,719 ,OPL3-SAX ,DS-XG PCI or WDM ,YMF734 ,YM754 -> YM740 DS-XG Technology ,panther ,DX-XG ,opl3 ,YMH 719 ,71x ,sw20 ,YMF 744 /YMF 724 / YMF 740 / YMF 754 ,Asong YMF 734 ,OPL3a ,YMF740-v ,718.5.96.38 WAG ,ymf724,740, 744, 754 ,yfm711-yfm720 ,XWAVE QS3000 ,YMF-724F ,ALS-200 ,OPL3_SAx ,YMF-734 ,A151-A000 ,YMF719E-S ,S-YXG50 ,ymf-744pci ,YMF-719 others ,XG YMF724 ,OPL3-SAx Drivers for YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719 ,YMF724E-V ,OPL3-Sax ,OPL3-SAX ,853 ,YMF724 and YMF740 ,Ym719 ,Xwave QS3000a ,opl3sax ,YMF740 ,ym719e ,DS-XG/YMF744 etc ,MF-719 ,SYXG-50 ,DS-XG Chip ,opl3-Sax for YMF701,711,715,718,719 ,YMF715-S ,YMF744B-R ,YMF 724 ,xg-1 ,OLP3-SAX ,Opl3-SAx ,OPL3 ,YMF 724F-V ,yfm 718/719 ,724-740 ,Qs3000a ,OPL3SAx ,OPL SA3 ,Yamaha OPL3-sax WDM ,O)PL#-SAx ,ver.1 ,Yamaha XG YMF (PCI) ,YMF724/719 ,Hp pavilion 7420 ,yamaha series 719 ,YMF719 ,a-719 ,QS3000A ,OPL3-SAx ,YMF719-S ,opl3sa ,(YMF701, 711, 715, 718, 719 ) ,Yamaha OPL 3 SAx Sound System ,OPL3SAX ,S-YXG50 Ver 2.0 ,OPL3 SA3 ,YMF724chipset ,DS-1 Drivers (for YMF724) ,OPL3 SAx ,OPL3-SAx WDM ,YMF 719 ,OPL3-SA or OPL3SA ,sw60xg ,Yamaha 724 XG PCI ,yamaha 719 ,OPL3-SAx V2343 ,4.06.2343 ,v4.06.2343 ,Opl3-Sax ,OPL - SAx ,generic DS_XG [ymf-724 chipset] ,OPL3SA ,DS-XG 724 PCI ,724 series (all) ,Yamaha 724 ,OPL-SAx ,DS-XG 724 ,YMF701, 711, 715, 718 719 ,ibm thinkpad 310ed ,DS-XG PCI ,OPL3-SA OPL3-SAX ,opl3 sax ,OPL-3 ,OPL-SAX Legacy Board ,OPL3-SAx v4.03.2328 ,OPL3-SAX Sound Board ,yamaha opl3-sax ,OPL3-saX ,opl3-sa ,OPL3 - SAx Chip Solutions ,DS-XG ,OPL3Sax ,OPL3-SAx Chip Solutions ,opl3sa.drv ,opla-3 ,OPL3-SAx based cards ,opl3-sa2/sax ,8SB-8738-SX-V2 ,Nightingale PCI Card PC board # sc8738 ,ap6400 ,8338 ,AV310 ,ULC931 ,AP6400 ,AV305 ,Audio Plus 3200 PNP ,Audio Plus 6400 3D ,AV307 ,AV530 ,Audio Plus 6400 3D AV309 ,AV-202 ,Add Chips AV308 ,av310 ,Nightingale ,Nightingale CM8738 chip set ,Radio Plus for Windows ,RadioMAX FM Radio and 16 bit stereo FULL DUPLEX ,Radio Plus 108 ,CMI8738 ,AUDIO PLUS ,AV309 ,AV302 ,Audio Excel DSP16 AV306 ,add317094 ,AUDIO+6400(3D) V2.0 ,564dp564 ,c9636 ,sym53c416 ,hfg ,c3trio64v2/dx ,420 ,2626 ,voodoo2 voodoo SLI ,cs208-cs283 ,Vodoo 3 3000 ,Voodoo3 2000 PCI ,ABIT BE6 ,BE6-II HPT366 ,KT7A-RAID ,HotRod 66 / HPT366 ,hot rod 100 pro ,BE6-II/BE6-II 2.0/BE6/BF6/BP6/BX133-RAID ,bx-1.61e ,HPT 366 Beta for XP ,ABIT_KR7A-RAID ,bx-1.60e ,kt7a ,Hpt366 ,KA-7 ,416 ,Highpoint366 ,HPT366 ,BP6 HPT366 ,Abit Hotrod 66 ,be6/bp6 ,ali 1621 (M5229) ,6696-OQE ,ScanWit 2740S, 2720S, ScanPremio ST, 620ST, 620S, ,2195 ,Aladdin IV, Aladdin V, Aladdin Pro 2 ,dtc436e ,AVA-1505 ,AHA-2940uw ,2930U2 , ADF6U160 , AIC78XX , ADPU160M , AIC78U2 ,1200A ,AVA-2930/15LP ,AHA-1542 and Other Adaptec SCSI Controllers ,AIC 7899w ,1995 ,Adaptec EZ-SCSI ,See Comments ,AIC-78xx ,aspi_v471.exe ,Various ,Adaptec 2930 ,249x ,39160 ,15xx, 29xx, 39xx, AIC78xx ,AVA-2903B ,2100S ,AIC 7890 ,53C400A ,AVA-2903 ,AHA-2920 ,AHA-2940 ,aha-2910c ,multiple ,19160 ,AHA-151x thru AHA-154x ,2940AU - PCI ,3980/3985W ,ava-1503 ,AHA-150x/1510 ,Adaptec ASPI v4.60 Build 1021 ,AHA-1535A ,Wangtek Archive 150 Mb 1/4 inch SCSI tape drives ,Adaptec 154x SCSI adapter Archive 2150S, Wangtek 5 ,2903B ,AVA-1502 ,AHA-1740/42A ,AVA 2906 ,2740a/42a/40at/42at ,AVA-2906 ,AHA-F940/F950 ,Ultra 29160N ,APA-358,T-358 ,AHA2740A,2740T,2742A,2742T ,AHA-F940 ,AHA 1540C1542C ,AHA AU/UW/... ,78U2 ,AIC7770 ,AIC7870 ,AHA2930CU ,AHA-2930 ,AHA-2940U2W - BIOS 2.20.0 ,2930 PCI for Win2K ,1510,1520 ,SCSI Select Utility for AHA 1510/1520B adapters. ,AHA-2905/2920 ,PCI Ultra/Fast Ultra 2 SCSI ,APA-1460x SlimSCSI PCMCIA to SCSI Adapter ,AHA 1510/1520B and AVA-1505a ,APA-1480 SlimSCSI ,SlimSCSI APA-1480/APA-1480A ,AHA-2930U2 PCI-to-Ultra2 SCSI Host Adapter ,APA-1350 Parallel Port to SCSI Adapter ,APA-1460 PCMCIA to SCSI Adapter ,Adaptec SlimSCSI APA-1450/APA-1450A ,2930 Ultra 2 SCSI, ultra 160, APA-1480 Cardbus ,Ultra160 cards ,Ultra/Fast Ultra 2 SCSI ,2940U2 ,29xx-39xx auwd ,AVA29xx / AHA29xx-39xx-49xx / AIC78xx ,AVA-2903 AVA-2902 AVA-2904 AIC-78XX ,AHA-1542CF/1540CF ,AAA131U2W Raid ,1480A ,1.34.3 ,AVA-1505AE ,aha-1510 family ,2940 ,78xx Family ,Family 78xx ,78xx family ,2940U2W ,1540cp-1542cp ,AVA 1502E ,Floptical (21mb) ,AVA-1502E ,AVA 2902 ,2940uw pro ,AVA-1502AP ,Ver 5.47 ,2940, .... ,AHA-16X0 ,1910 ,AVA 2902E/2904/2910 ,aic78xx ,AVA-1505AE + more ,2940.... ,78xx chipsets ,aha-2940, aha-3940, AIC-78x0 ,TD-P10 ,TD-A10 ,SCSI TD-8001 ,TD-8000 TD-A8000 ,TD-20001 ,GD-8000, GD-E8000 ,GD-8000 ,M7MKA ,PCI SCSI w?AM53C974 Chipset ,8200 ,AOpen AP59S ,AX6LC ,16G8454 ,31250Q 51250Q ,xx250Q ,150e ,sc402/499 ,Archive VP (Viper) 150e ,EAX6GP-60EP/150EP ,ATAPI (IDE) Based Minicartridge ,Sidewinder 50 (AIT) ,SCSI DAT ,Seagate SCSI DAT Tape ,CTMS3200/TSM4000 for INTEL, DEC-Alpha and MIPS ,Seagate SCSI Travan Tape ,CTT8000-S SCSI TR4 ,SCSI Based Minicartridge Tape ,FDC Based Minicartridge Tape ,5540 ,2150L ,1236USB ,CMD-0648 ,AIC7890 ,a7v ,cubx ,vx and others ,2GB jaz drive ,12 ,Award Software Rev. 1.5, Tekram Technology Corp. ,2320 pnp ,acsc 01901540 ,AZT-2316 or CS4321A-KL ,azt1008 ,multipass c80 ,C555 ,multipass c20 ,MD56250DT-QC-A ,CMI8330 ,2110 ,B5202A ,Jumbo-120MB ,trackker 250mb ,350 ,COLORADO 350 ,PN 0148 ,T1000e ,t1000 ,Jumbo 120 ,Colorado 250 ,qic-02 controller and qfa 700 backup tape configun ,350 Trakker ,250Mb ,T1400/CMS FC-20 ,Trakker 250/350 ,jumbo ,T-1000- external ,For Colorado (Trakker) 250MB Tape Streamers v4.01 ,250/350 ,jumbo 1400 ,T1000 T3000 ,T1000 ,JUMBO 250 ,Colorado Backup II Ver. 6.0 ,PN 151A1 Ver. 2.90 ,Colorado 700 ,Jumbo 250 ,colorado jumbo 120 tape drive ,5GB External ,colorado350 ,trakker 350 ,T-1000 - Ver. 1.60 ,120 mb ,Trakker 120 ,JT20C6 ,4.0 ,PN0123 VER 4.03 ,4.0 for dos ,Trakker 120/250 ,Jumbo 1400 ,Trakker 250 ,Travan Tape Drives/External 5 and 8GB ,T1000,T3000,T4000,Jumbo 250,350,700,1400 ,14 GB Internal Travan ,T1000e Tape Drive ,External Travan Drive 8GB ,HP Colorado 14GB Internal Travan ,5GB Internal Travan ,SureStore T4000,T4000es ,8GB Internal Travan Drive ,T4000,T4000s,SureStore T4e,SureStore T41 ,8GB External Travan Drive ,SCSI Based Travan Drives ,Colorado Jumbo 120 ,T1000 external ,Jumbo250 ,Colorado 5GB Internal ,250MB ,Trakker 250 and others ,Colorado 5GB tape backup ,Colorado 5GB tape Backup ,Tracker 250 ,T3000 ,Jumbo 350 and More... ,TBUINT003AAWW, TBUINT002AxWW, TBUINT001AAWW, more. ,Jumbo 250,350,700,1400,T1000,T3000,T4000 ,190563-001 ,V6.0 ,AIT 35GB or 35/70 LVD internal ,12/24 GB ,5900Z ,2833 ,C1539-00485 ,ess allegro ,7800 Family ,Ultra 3 SCSI Controllers ,Deskpro Adaptec SCSI ,Dat Tape Drive ,DDS-3 12/24 GB DAT SDT-9000 ,sfgdd ,rw8432e ,PCI64 ,CT1350B ,ensoniq ,DTC436E ,V1.2 ,3181E ,DTC 436E ,3520a ,DTC-436e ,dtc 436e ,DTC 3x8x SCSI Host Adapters ,DTCT-436P scsi ,symbios logic 53c400a ,DTC436 / DTC3181 ,DTC3181 ,DTC436 ,DTC318x ,3X8X ,DTC3181X/DTC3151X ,436E ,DTC 11xx,21xx,22xx,ISA,PCI,EIDE,SCSI..many models ,3151X/3181X ,DTC 3130 SCSI ,DTC 3181 ,DTC3181A ,dtc3181x ,3181A, DTCT 436 ,3181A ,dtc - 3181e ,DTC 436 E ,dtc 2278e ,dtc-3138x ,dtc 3181/dtc3151x ,3280 ,DTC 3510A/3520A ,DTC 3181A ,DTC-436P ,dtc3150v ,tmc830 ,6290 ,DTC 2278 VL IDE ,DTCT-436 ,dtc3150,dtc3280 ,3181X-3151X ,DTCT-436P ,DTC 3510a ,dtc 318 ,DTC 2278S/D ,Quick Drive ,Adaptec 7899 ,Perc3DC/QC/SC ,CMD Ultra DMA Controller v2.0.17, A02 ,Fireport 40 ,fireport 40 ,FirePort PCI Ultra S/W ,FirePort Ultra SCSI ,Fireport 40 PCI ,Fireport 20 ,FirePort-40 ,HiNote/HiNote Ultra ,TLZ10 ,DR-LS120_SuperDisk Drive ,21-120S ,CMD0648 ,11112049294 ,DRUDMA66 ,Disctec RHD drives ,2.5 ,V1.6 ,366c ,eTower 333k, others ,ep-dr02p3 ,EP-7KXA ,ZD-100P ,PhotoPC 650 ,870 ,p630b ,PCDC001 ,CDS940 ,A diagnostic tool ,A utility to change the UltraATA capability of the ,mpg3204at ,MPG3102AT-E - MPG3204AT-E ,FJ-IDE Drive Initializer Utility ,mhn2100at ,Dynamo 640 SE ,M2541B-ide ,DynaMO 230 ,600 PCMCIA SCSI CARD ,TMC 1670 ,850 855 etc ,TMC 3260 ,TMC-1680 ,TMC 860 TMC 885 ,TMC-1610M ,tmc 850 m/mer/mex ,TMC-850\M\Mex ,TMC-1610MER ,TMC-950 TMC-1650/1660/1670/1680/3260, MCS-600/700 ,18c30 etc ,TMC-850MER ,tmc 845 ,MaxFire G07 ,Version 4.0 ,Version 3.0 ,QuickDrive ,Colorado Jumbo 350 ,P5093A HP32MB USB MEMORY KEY ,C2502 ,sure store dat8i ,53C400A [HPversion] ,HP 840 C ,deskjethp670c ,SYM 53C416 ,Colorado 5/8GB TRAWAN ,Laserjet 4550 ,LJ1100 ,Colorado T1000e ,T1000 ,6746c ,colorado 5gbe ,8210e and similar external CD-RWs ,T1000 Internal ,sym41650 ,Sym53c416 ,HP T1000e ,Hp Scanjet 5p ,SureStore DAT8 ,sym53416 ,Colorado Tape Drives ,HP35470A ,DAT ,Scanjet 5p ,Emation TR1 ,SymBios 53c416 SCSI adapter ,53c400a ,35470A,35480A,T1000,T1000E ,SYM 53416 ,T3000 Tape Drive ,C5685A ,Colorado 350 ,SCSI adapter: Symbios Logic 53C400A (HP version) ,T1000e ,7595A ,HP C1536A ,5pscanjet ,C1599A ,T1000 series, T4000 series ,53xx ,T4000S ,HP SureStore DAT8i Internal - C1533 ,T1000T1000e ,HP-C5685A ,SureStore 2000e ,t1000e ,SureStore DLT 70e External DLT ,SureStore 5000i Plus DAT ,SureStore DAT24 ,Surestore 5000i Plus DAT ,SureStore DAT 24x6 ,SureStore 5000iPlus DAT ,SureStore DAT24e External ,SureStore DAT 24x6e External ,up to T1000 ,HP35480A and others ,Surestore t20 ,53C400A HP SYM20401/2/3 ISA card ,250 ,250 350 ,MemoHASP-4 R3a ,MicroDrive ,DESKSTAR IC35L060AVVA07-0 ,33L5151 ,SSINT10 ,IBM IDE PC Card ,600E ,O6H6039 ,ibm 3363 ,Dual Stor 400/800 ,SCSI-2 FAST ,EXB-8505 ,IBM DHEA-34330 ,not big ,Quantum DLT 4000/7000 ,PD LF 1195 ,Aptiva E5V ,numerous ,32G3100 ,06H6039 ,NMC-9100UW ,9100 ,9200 W Wide SCSI ,ini 9xxxu, ini 9xxxuw ,ini-9100 ,ini9XXXU/UW or inic-950 PCI ,SCSI Initio 9100 ,9400,9401,9500 ,CI 2500 ,ini-6100 ,ini9100 ,K12040500757 ,used on NEC - FZ110A, for Iomega Atapi Zip-100 ,IO80-PX3 ,zip 100 ,Z250USBPCMBP ,Zip Drive 100 MB ,Zip ,Jaz Traveller ,IO2000-PX ,100mb Parallel zip ,easyDrive 3200 ,Jazjet abp-960 ,z100p2 ,JAZ Jet SCSI Card--Advansys PCI-ABP-960U ,Tape 700 - QIC3010MC ,Z100plus ,Z100Plus ,ZIP 100 ,Bernoulli 8 ,zip100 ,Ditto 3200 ,z250p ,Ditto Easy 800 ,Ditto 800 ,250 ,100MB Parallel ,win98-nt ,ditto ,Iomega 250 ,100 / 250 mb Zip Drives ,Zip zoom ,ZIP 250 USB ,External LPT ,Imega Zip 100 ,qic 80 250MB for Floppy Cable ,qic 80 250 Mb for Floppy Cable ,qic 80 for Floppy Cable ,qic 80 250Mb using Floppy Cable ,qic80 / 2120 ,ZIP 100 MB ,ABP-960 ,PARALLEL ZIP 100 ,Z100USB ,zip 100 250 usb scsi ,IO,EGA ZIP PLUS ,version 1 ,Parallel Zip 100 ,Iomega Zip EN135707 ,100mb ,100MB Disk ,Zip 100 ,Epson Iomega Zip 100 ,Tape 250 ,Zip 100, Zip 250, ZipPlus ,Easy800 ,v 5.2.1English ,Tape250 Parallel Port II ,Jaz Jet Dual SCSI card ,100MB ZIP ,ditto 2GB ,100MB ,ABP-90 ,Io 20S ,DITTO TOOLS ,Z100P2 ,jaz jet pci ,Zip, Jazz, etc. ,Bernoulli 150Multidisk ,Jet PCI SCSI adapter ,Ditto Max External IO 1000-PX ,Zip Drive ,6000842 ,ced-8083b ,196608 bytes ,KME KXLC005 KXL-808A ,KXLC002, KXCL003, KXCL004 ,LKM-F433-102 ,KME-KXLC005 ,Super Disk LS-120 ,SuperDisk LS 120 ,MAX-BLAST PLUS II ,2B020H1 ,Maxtor ,max.diag v1.24m ,90845D4 ,maxblast ,ALL_HDDs ,90000 / 80000 ,650-0044-01P ,650-0111-01 650-0003-02 53C406A ,167550 ,Backpack 8000t ,143010 (800TD) ,4.10.1998 ,MAPI 1.0 ,Tod's Tech Disk ,mnsp32.dll ,167550 ,800TD ,143010 backpack 800TD ,MRS-600EX3S ,LS120 IDE internal ,MCA640 ,74-1881a ,Installs Mitsumi Windows 95 CD-ROM VSD Driver ,A:\IDEAUD10.EXE ,qic-02 ,40gb 80gb ,700 ,FileSafe 8000plus/TD 4000 ,01-37260-01 ,FS7500 ,Filesafe 1200-4 ,30523 ,01-04075-05 ,FileSafe 1200Plus ,bear paw 1200 ,1200ubplus ,AZ-SCSI ,DTC -3181L ,mbr7 disk changer 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7000, 9000, 10000 ,Sony TSL-11000 / DELL PowerVault-120T ,SDT 9000 ,SuperStation External ,StorStation (Ditto 2gb) External ,SDT-5200 ,Sony TSL 9000 with/without autoloader ,IO2000-PX ,SuperStation ,SDT7000,SDT9000,TSL9000 Dat Drive ,SDT-10000 ,SDT-9000 ,TSL-9000 ,sym53C416, SYM204xx ,ez230p ,EZ 135 ,Ez-Flyer 230 ,SyQuest SparQ1PE SparQ 1.0GB ,Ez135 ,SPARQ1PE ,Syquest EzDrive 135 ,135 EZ Drive ,EZ135EXT, P/PORT ,EZ135EXT. P/PORT ,Syjet 1.5 GB ,SyDos Puma 88 ,135mb ,SPARQ1PE - SparQ 1.0 GB ,Syjet 1.5 ,SparQ 1.0 GB Parallel Port ,puma88/44 ,EZ135 ,ipc5025a ,PA2612U-PA2940U ,PA2940u-PA2612U ,NWCOMBO2 ,XM-PB301 ,PA2612U ,Satellite 330CDT Notebook ,Satellite 330CDS Notebook ,Satellite 320CDT Notebook ,Satellite 310CDT Notebook ,Satellite 320CDS Notebook ,Satellite 305CDT Notebook ,Satellite 305CDS Notebook ,Satellite 310CDS Notebook ,Satellite 2515CDS Notebook ,Portege 7140CT Notebook ,Portege 7020CT Notebook ,Portege 3440CT Notebook ,Portege 320CT Notebook ,Portege 3020CT Notebook ,Portege 3025CT Notebook ,Portege 3010 CT Notebook ,Libretto 100/110 ct ,T348 ,T120, 130b, 160, 338, 348, 358, 460 ,T-358 ,T358 ,T128 ,T130B ,t338,t339 A.K.A. nec-CDINT339 ,T160/T260 ,T-348 MiniSCSI ,acc002 ,UDS US11 ,astra s6e ,DTC3181X/DTC3151X ,zip 100 parallel ,astra 610p ,IDS-is11 ,usd-IS11scsi card ,UDS-IS11 ,OA-I ,usr004f ,Valuestor Ext HD ,PPort IDE HD Transformer ,wd7296a and family ,WD800BB_00CAAD ,Caviar 2850 ,wd7296 ,WD7197, 7193, 7296 ,FASST v3.35 ,WD7296 ,Version 8.01W ,7193 ; 7197 ; 7296 ,EZ Drive Ver. 9.06W ,ez drive hdd auto setup ,ST-412/ST-506 ,WD7193, WD7197 and WD7296 ,2.1 ,WD7000-ASC ,Western Digital SCSI ,Western Digital EIDE ,AC11200, AC22000, AC22500, AC33200, AC34000, AC343 ,AC140, AC160, AC280, AC2120, AC2170, AC2200 ,non-IDE Western Digital ,DLT(tm) drives ,WD7193, WD7197, WD7296 ,WD7000 ,WD7193 pci-scsi ,Caviar ,Disk Manager 6.03 ,Xwave-192 ,734 ,PN:P7X ,SXG50driver ,375/385 ,ct6610 ,CT6610 ,Permedia 2 ,DX GX GX2 357 ,Virge DX GX GX2 ,pm200a ,Permedia 2 3D Accelerator ,Oxygen GVX1 ,permedia2 ,Oxygen RPM ,S3 Virge ,Trio3D/X2 ,Oxygen GMX ,Riva TNT2 Ultra ,DMP5020 ,CT6061 RT300 ,Savage 4 ,GLINT 500TX + Delta ,glint delta / 300sx ,E-Savage4 ,Extensa 355 ,Chips And Technologies ,SIS 530 ,SiS 305 AGP Card ,24x10x40 ,travelmate 330t ,tm510 series ,M3147 ,ATI Mach 64 ,pv75 ,NeoMagic ,AcerPower4400 ,m3309 direct draw ,ALi CAT M314X (X=1,5 7) ,Magic V18 ,M3309 ,at3d ,ProMotion at24 ,AT24 ,3dfx voodoo with tv out ,Alliance Voodoo Rush ATC-2475 3dfx ,AT+voodoo rush (single) ,AT3D ,Promotion 6410 PCI ,6422 ,Pro-Motion AT24 ,ProMotion-AT24 ,Promotion 6410 and 6422 ,Promotion AT24 ,Promotion 6420 ,Promotion 6410 ,AT25 + VOODOOR ,at25 ,AT25 / Quantum3D MGV ,AT24, AT25, AT3D ,AV 2394 Auravision VXP202 Philips SAA7110A ,pg80 ,PV75 ,pa3000 ,PA70D ,M64-AGP ,PA45 ,PG80/DVD ,PT75 ,version, 11/16/2000 ,AOpen PG128 Plus (S3 Trio 3D/2X Chipset) ,AP59S ,PG128Plus ,Aopen PA3000 Plus ,Pa70 ,PG128 PLUS ,PA50E - D - V ,PA740 ,PC 128Plus ,2.4 ,PT75PlusII (DX) ,100xx2000xx ,Range II c ,art-250 vga ,Art-968 ,ART-3DV ,For ARK2000MI - ARK2000MI+ - ARK2000MIP ,For ARK1000PV ARK2000PV ARK2000MT ,2000 pv pci ,5342-3 ,ARK Logic 2000MIP ,ARK Logic 2000MIP v5.239 ,ARK2000PV ,ARK 1000PV ,1000pv/2000pv ,SIS 6326 ,1000PV, 2000PV, 2000MT ,Televideo, FX32 ,64MT ,2000MT/PV/MI ,ARK2000MI and ARK2000MI+ ,ARK1000PV, ARK2000PV, ARK2000MT ,ARK1000VL ,1000xx 2000xx ,Mobility Radeon 7500 C ,Mobility Radeon C7500 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,3d pro turbo agp 2x ,ATI Rage Mobility M/M1 ,ATI 264VT4 ,Radeon 7500-8500 ,MOST ,rage mobilty pro lt pci ,ATI Rage ,RAGE2C PCI 40606 102 ,Rage Pro 2c ,ATI-264vt4 ,ATI Rage XC ,RAGE Mobility MGP ,ATI RAGE MOVILITY ,Radeon (ALL) ,Rage 128 Pro ,Rage Pro LT agp ,ati mach 264vt3 ,Rage Pro ,Rage II / II + ,Packard Bell Model 882 ,8500 ,264vt4 ,ATI Rage 128 ,ATI Xpert 98 ,Rage Mobility ,DDR VIVO ,radeon 64meg DDR VIVO ,Rage 128 xpert ,Radeon 64DDR ,Mach64vt4 ,ATI 7500 7200 ,Rage LT Pro AGP 2x (eng) ,Rage Mobility 1 ,ati 128 ,ATI Rage Pro ,ATI Rage Mobility P/M ,ATI 3D Rage Pro ,ATI Graphics Ultra Pro ,ATi Rage 129 ,ATi Rage 128 ,4MB AGT ,Rage IIc ,Rage Pro/LT Pro/XL/XC and Mobility M/M1/P ,ULTRA 32MB ,4.11.2560 ,RageII c agp ,ati technologies rage p/m mobility agp 2x driver ,SpeedStar Pro SE Pci ,Rage11C AGP GraphicDrivers ,sp8485 ,pro turbo 64 ,Mach 32 ,RADEON ,r128psd32m ,RAGE PRO TURBO AGP 2X ,rage pro / mach64 ,mach64 GX and mach64 CT ,ati264vt4 ,Radeon 32MB ,rageltproagp2x ,ATI Rage Pro128 AGP ,2195-4018 , ,Xpert@play 98 ,RAGE PRO, RAGE LT PRO, RAGE IIc, VT4 ,ATI 3D RAGE PRO TURBO ,v122 ,mach54 ,ATI 3d rage pro ,Rage Mobility 128 ,ATI 3D RAGE PRO ,180-go1066-6114 ,Rage and Rage PRO ,Radeon ,For Ati Rage Fury Graphics Lines ,ATI TV Wonder PCI Drivers ver 3.00 ,Rage-Pro Rage-Lt-Pro Rage-XL ,rage II C ,Pavillion 8485Z ,rage pro turbo AGP/2x ,rage pro 128 tv in/out ,Rage Pro Turbo AGP ,multi ,Most ATI for Most OS's ,3D TURBO PRO ,ATI mach64 family ,Rage PRO etc. ,Mach64ct ,Rage LT Pro ,Rage Series ,Ati Rage XL ,Rage IIc AGP (English) ,Mach 64 CT ,ATI 3D Rage LT Pro ,ATI Rage Mobility Pro ,HP 4450 Pavilion ATI Rage IIC ,Ati Rage Xl ,XC AGP,PCI ,rage II II+ ,Rage Pro AGP2X ,Rage Pro AGP2x ,Rage II / II+ ,Rage 128 (Multilingual) ,xpert 2000 ,RAGE XL ,IIc ,Rage XL ,ATI Rage Pro Turbo AGP 2 X ,Rage pro mobility ,ATI RAGE PRO MOBI.. ,ATI LT Rage Pro for WIN9x ,Diamond Viper II ,ATI Technologies #D Rage LT Pro ,ATI 264 VT3 (Direct Draw) ,Rage II/IIc II+ ,ati all in wonder 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2228/2301 ,ALR2101 ,ALG2302A ,2302/1300 ,alg2064 ,2064 ,2302 ,ALG 2302.A ,2302 / 1300 PCI ,ALG2032+ ALG2064 ,2301 ,ALG2302 ,Ali M3147 V ,ALG2032+(ISA) ,ALG-2301 ,ALG 2032(+) ISA ,ALG 2032(+) ,RTG 3105i ,RTG 3106 ,GUI-2301 ,ULTRA-2201 ,ALG 2564 ,ALG 25128 ,ALG 2064 ,Intel740_AGP_Card ,ALG 2301 ,ALS2032-2064 ,ALG 2101 ,alg 2302 ,avance logic alg2064 ,alg2032 ,2032 ,ALG2032+ PCI ,ALR2228 ,ALG2032 ,2301/ALG 2101chip ,2302A/1300 ,AZFIN 3328 ,Vanta-8/Vanta-16 ,Aztech Multimedia TV-500 ,vgs3d ,Galaxy Oscar Mpeg ,Aztech TNT2 Vanta 16T ,Video Galaxy 256MB ,AVGA3 ,Pure3d ,Xplode V2.0 ,Pure 3D II ,VGA700 ,65555 pci ,65550 VL / ISA ,655xx/xxx ,chips f82c451 ,65554 ,68554 ,VGA 740 or 65525 ,65555 ,65550, 65554, 65555, 69000 PCI BUS and 65550 VL ,65550, 65554, 65555, 69000 PCI and 65550 VL BUS ,65550, 65554, 65555, 69000 PCI BUS and 65550 VL BU ,65555 PCI ,6326 ,200CDS ,655554 ,CT655XX ,65550 ,69000 ,65550 pci ,Wingine 64300 ,Omnibook 2000 ,655545 ,64300 ,chips95.vxd,and more ,Wingine DGX 63400 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,Stealth S540 ,viper770 ,SpeedStar A90 ,Stealth 64 DRAM 2mb/s3 Trio 64 , ,Permedia 2 ,SPDSTR A50 ,Diamond Stealth III s540 ,stealth 4000 ,Speedstar A55 ,Viper V330 Series ,ST II S220 , S/N3682900006669 ,stealth 64 ,Stealth 3D 3000 , ,Stealth III S540 32/64 mb ,325 ,viper II ,Monster 3D11 ,Intel 740 ,Fire GL 1000 ,diamond speedstar A50 ,stealth III 540 ,Speedstar A200 ,Fire gl 1000 pro ,Diamond Viper II ,Stealth S220 II ,stealth II s220 ,Stealth 64 VRAM ,A50 ,9m975 ,Viper 730 (vanta) ,Stealth64 VRAM ,ViperII Z200series ,Diamond stealth 3d 2000 ,Stealth 64 Video VRAM PCI (S3 Vision 968 Chip) ,stealth II g460 ,SIS 6326AGP ,Diamond Stealth II G460 ,Viper II / Savage 2000 ,p/n23150160-402 ,Viper II ,viper v770 ultra ,Stealth64 Graphics 2001 Series ,2500 ,2550 ,stealth 3d 3000 ,Viper V330 ,Diamond Monster 3DII ,viper 550 ,Stealth 64 ,V770 v770u ,V770 V770U ,Stealth III S540 ,gl fire pro 1000 ,Spdstr a50AGP8mb ,Stealth 64 Video VRAM ,stealth 64 pci ,4.02.244 ,4.02.131 ,Diamond Stealth S520 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[08/30/2000] ,Viper 330 ,Speedstar64 ,Stealth 3D4000 ,A55 SpeedStar ,Viper Ultra ,Monster Fusion ,dm 975+ ,Stealth 3 S540 ,Viper V770D ,2001 series ,Stealth 3D 2000 Pro-PCI ,330 ,Diamond Stealth II S220 (Turbo) ,s220 ,Diamond Stealth64 (Video) ,Stealth II s220 ,Viper V550 ,V770 and V730 ,Stealth 64 Video VRAM 64 PCI ,Diamond Stealth Video 2500 ,Stealth III s540 ,Viper V770 ATX 2X16 Rev. D ,diamond viper 550 ,monster 3d 2 card ,Stealth 64 Graphics 2001 ,A50/A70 ,S3 968 ,Orchid 3D-2 ,Viper ,Diamond Stealth 64 VRam ,Stealth III S540 32MB ,Monster 3D PCI ,SpeedStar A50 ,Viper v330 ,Speedstar A50 ,Viper v550 ,DM975 ,Speedstar A90 ,3dfx ,stelth 540 ,Speedstar A90 16Meg ,viperII2200 ,Viper II S3 ,Monster 3D 2 ,2500 V1.03 ,FileGL1000Pro ,Stealth 3D 2000 Pro ,Diamond Fire GL1000 ,Stealth 1000 ,S220 II T ,PHIIPS SAA 7146 H ,PHILIPS SAA 7146 H ,vers 4. ,V550 ,vipper 330 ,w9xs4646 ,SpeedStar A70 for 9x ,nvidia (most) ,s3 virge /dx stealth 3d 2000 pro ,FIRE GL 1000 ,FIRE GL 1000 PRO ,stealth 3 S540 ,Monter 3D Voodoo I or other Voodoo ,SIII S540 ,S3 3D/2X C368 ,DS 3D 2000 3000 ,StealthIII S540 ,Stealth 64 2001 ,Diamond Viper 2 PCI ,Stealth 3D 2000 PRO ,v550 ,Voodoo2 based chipsets ,StealthII 220 ,viper v330 ,A50 and A70 ,STEALTH64 VIDEO ,S3 Virge/DX ,SpeedStar ,Viper 770 series ,Viper VLB ,MONSTER 3D ,P/N: 23030211-202 ,Diamond Viper V550/V770/V770 Ultra ,Monster 3D II ,Stealth 2500 ,SpeedStar A55 ,Viper330 ,Monster 3D 4mb ,Monster Fusion PCI ,Viper II Z200 ,1.00 ,less then a megb ,Viper Se/SePro '95-> ,Diamond Stealth III S540 32MB PCI ,S220 ,Diamond Stealth S220 ,Stealth III S540 PCI ,Diamond 3D 3000 ,V550/V770 ,v330 ,Diamond Stealth 3D 2000 Pro ,Stealth Video 2500 ,FireGL1000 ,diamond monster fusion 16mb ,Viper V550 ,Stealth III 540 ,Diamond Stealth 3D 4000 ,S540 ,Viper V550/V770/V770 Ult ,Speedstar A70 ,Diamond Monster 3D ,Stealth II 220 ,28020050-001 - 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