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    SGI Altix 350 4/25/2004  
Highlights of the recent quarter include SGI's extension of the Altix line with the launch of the SGI Altix 350,
a smaller, lower-priced system targeted toward the midrange of the technical marketplace.

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The company has expanded its developer program to include Linux system developers to complement the launch of
the Altix line, and it has introduced SGI InfiniteStorage Data Lifecycle Management Server, a relatively
low-cost technology designed to ensure data availability without the complexity of traditional archiving

With the addition of the Altix 350 system, SGI now has a family of servers based on standard Linux that spans
the spectrum from departmental systems starting at less than US$15,000 up to what the company is calling
"the largest and most powerful Linux OS-based server on the marketplace" -- the 256-processor Altix 3000.

In the announcement to the press today, SGI was quick to point out several key sales in its target markets.
For example, Grupo Antolin, a company that designs components for the automobile industry, purchased a
four-processor SGI Altix 350 system with 4 GB of RAM and 20 Silicon Graphics Fuel visual workstations.
The systems will help Grupo Antolin engineers conduct computational fluid dynamics simulations for use in
designing parts and systems for automobile interiors.
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